My Winter Fashion Essentials // blogmas day 10


I have 4 pairs of boots that I switch up between. I have my favorites, which are brown riding boots that I wear with jeans, leggings, or even dresses. Then, I have s pair of black heeled booties I love to pair with dresses and leggings. Those booties are more for ‘going out’! Boots are essential to my winter wardrobe because I hate getting my feet wet in the snow. Boots are just more convenient!


I’m not a huge fan of hats but I do throw one on every now and then. I have one black Columbia beanie I love so much. It keep my head so warm! But I get major hat hair lol. I have to keep my husband from stealing it from me.

Cable Knit Socks

I love socks. Cable knit socks are even more to love. They are incredibly warm. And soft, too. I always think it is necessary to have a couple pairs of good, warm, socks for those snow days.

Blanket Scarves

Okay, my husband thinks I’m crazy for owning so many blanket scarves. He thinks they are too big and bulky but truth is they are just so warm I can’t let them go. I have two from Hollister that are lying on my couch right now because I literally use it as a blanket sometimes! I have a plain white one and two patented ones!Yes, that’s my scarf!


Can you own too many pairs of black leggings? Because I have three. It is the ultimate outfit maker! You can pair leggings with just about anything and get away with it. Plus, they are excellent for layering. Pull them on under. Nice pair of jeans you you’ll be warm all day.Those are my essentials! I couldn’t get through Montana winter without them! Plus a few other things like a coat of course!

Lazy Day Off // blogmas day 6

Today was my last day off before beginning my ‘Monday’ back to work.

First I slept in which is what I love to do. I woke up next to my husband that is back from the field. We fell asleep on the couch from watching Netflix.

I made breakfast and caught up on youtube videos. Does anyone else watch Jessica from Jambeauty? I love her. I did cleaning and decorated the upstairs bedroom a little bit. I had an extra garland that I put above our bed.

Anyways, it was a super lazy day spent in PJs and eating pizza for dinner! Napping on and off and eating too much junk food haha. I also took a bubble bath and my husband and I binge watched more movies after.

How do you guys spend your lazy days?

My Christmas wishlist // Blogmas day 5

This year, I don’t want a lot for Christmas. I just have a few things that has been on my list for a couple months-years!

These are things I have been hinting to my husband to get me, so I hope he is reading this!

Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette

I’m in love with this pallet. I’ve heard so many great reviews on it, and if my favorite YouTuber Emily Noel says it’s good. Then it’s good.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume

The smell of this and Daisy Dream is spectacular. I can’t explain the smell, but I can write their description of it for you.Bright, flirtatious, free-spirited. Enter the world of Daisy, a fresh, feminine fragrance with playful innocence. Always elegant and enchanting but never too serious, Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet wrapped in warmth and comfort.

  • Violet leaves, wild strawberries
  • Violet petals, jasmine bouquet
  • Musk, vanilla infusion

The Clarisonic

I’m all about skincare and I’m really intrigued to try the Clarisonic!

KitchenAid Mixer in white or mint

Since I have beck for more interested in baking, I had my eye on this mixer. I want to be able to bake fresh bread and other treats with it!

Funko Pops

Anyone else collecting pops? I have a few! I want to do a tour of them once I get a couple more added.

Vans Classic Knit Suede Slip-on in black

Vans are one of my favorite brand of shoes. I especially love slips on for easy on the go comfort!


I have to write things down in order to remember them. I get a new planner every year so I hope to get one at Christmas!

What’s on your list this year? Do we have sine of the same things? Let me know!

Date Night Meal Idea // Penne With Italian Sasuage

Whoop whoop! It’s date night!

Our town, as I mentioned before doesn’t have a huge selection of chain restaurants. So when we want to be fancy, it always Applebee’s.

Deciding to eat it seems to become more and more of a routine.

Tonight, I am making Penne pasta with Italian sausage! It is so yummy. I usually don’t go for the ground sausage, but I wanted to try something new.

I use the amazing sauce from Sam’s Club that I’m sort of obsessed with. You have to try it, okay?

You can spice up this meal with a side salad or garlic bread!

The sauce stickies right to the pasta and it is so rich with flavor! And I love the spice of the sausage as well. Mmm, perfect combo!


Garlic Bread or Side Salad optional

Penne Rigate pasta

Meat of your choice, we used ground Italian sausage

Pasta sauce of your choice, we used Member’s Mark Romano Pasta sauce

1. First, you are going to want to start to brown your sausage whole you are boiling the penne.

2. Depending if you are making garlicbreqs with it, you will want to preheat the oven at this time.

3. After the sausage is fully cooked, gldrsjn grease and set aside.

4. When the penne has reached the texture you want it to be, drain the excess water. Remove from heat and stir in the sausage.

5. Slowly stir in the sauce with the penne and sausage until it it evenly mixed.

You are done! You can pair your pasta with a nice glass of wine. Or in this case since i’m not 21… Welche’s grape juice!

Don’t judge me lol! Mmm, its so good I even don’t mind eating leftovers. And I hate leftovers. This is a super easy recipe bit it makes for a great romantic meal.

So, When Are You Having Kids?

Is the question I seemed to get asked all the time. By new friends or family whenever they see us and know that we are married.

So here’s a little story. At 18 I got married to my childhood sweetheart and we moved square across the United States to Montana. Now, I am 20 we still do not have any human babies. Just furry ones. But a lot of our friends who are our age are having kids they are so happy and cannot wait to see there little one or they are constantly saying how wonderful it is, and sometimes I think I’m missing out. Then others, I feel too young to raise someone myself.

A part of me says no. I don’t want this. Because honestly, I don’t know who I am yet. I mean I have so much stuff I want to do in life. I want to get to the point where I am happy being who I am. Then the other part of me says having a baby might jumpstart that happiness. It will give me a sense of purpose and teach me how to be an adult the right way.

I just don’t know. I’m so torn! I think it has to do with the constant question. Everyone is sort of expecting us to be pregnant already, you know? Just because we are married doesn’t really mean that though.

And in no way am I saying having children right now will stop me from being myself. It’s just a scary thing.

Being married young doesn’t mean I have to do everything else early, or does it?

So I’m going to ask you when are you having kids? How old are you and when did you get married? I want to know if anyone is in a similar situation that I am. Experiencing the thought motherhood is so scary to me!

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Happy Friendsgiving!

So, being a military wife means you miss out on holidays with family and you celebrate with the next best. Friends! Since the majority of our group was posted for Thanksgiving, we decided to celebrate a few days later. It’s never too late for turkey!

This is me, I was really proud that my hair actually stayed flat for a bun and my shirt was only $3 from Walmart! Okay, back to pie xx

Growing up, my mom and my older sister would make amazing pumpkin qns sweet potatoe pies. I would always make deviled eggs with my dad. This year, I wanted to recreate their pies to share with all of my friends!

Now I didn’t go all out and use real pumpkin, I used canned but you know it is still homamdebthat way!


1 can of Pumpkin Puree

2 Cup of milk

4 eggs

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ground nutmeg

1 1/2 Cups of sugar

7oz of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed milk

2 pie crust (I used Pillsbury brand)

Yes! This is the ‘secret ingredient’ my mom would add. It makes the pies a little bit sweeter and thicker. It does take the pies a little but longer to cook by adding it but not is worth it. Only half the can should do.

1. Preheat the oven to 450. Mix together the eggs and spices in a bowl.

2. Add the pumpkin and the rest of the wet ingredients

3. Mix until everything is thoroughly blended and divide the mixture between two pie crust.

4. Bake at 450 for 10 minutes then lower temperature to 350 for 45 minutes. The pies are done once you stick a fork in and it come sour clean.

My pies needed an extra 10 minutes before they were complete!

Tada! Now you have two delicious pumpkin pies to eat! The first didn’t come out the way I wanted… But hey it was my first try. I’m so in love with cooking and baking dessert right now, I think I found a new hobby lol!

Our Favorite Place \\ 5th Street Diner

Here in Great Falls, we don’t have a ton of chain restaurants to choose from. But, we fell in love with this mom and pop place that we go to just about every week.

It’s called 5th Street Diner, and it has a 50’s vibe to it with antique decor and posters all around. The music is 50’s as well as the menu.

We have become regualrs now, we order the same thing every time! My husband gets a Cheeseburger with Diner fries and I get the Turkey melt with Diner fries. (Diner fries are so amazing you can’t order without them) and I get an Italian soda and my husband hers a coke. Simple. Everytime.

Everyone there is so nice and friendly! After we eat we always walk around to the other stores downtown and window shop. It’s the highlight of our day eating our lunch here! If you live in Great Falls, take a trip to 5th Street. The milkshakes are even better that imagined.

What are some of your favorite spots in your town? I’d love to her!