GNC Pro Box Unboxing!

Surprise box! I forgot all about my GNC box coming again! I checked the mail and BOOM I see a cute red box ready for me to open up. If you don’t know, GNC has a subscription box where they send you various health and wellness items for you to try! I loved my first one, and I am excited to try out my goodies in the second one.

Enyotics Health Focus Fast

It says that it is supposed to jumpstart your morning to make you more focused. It is a blend of vitamins, herbs, and botanicals. So, it should be safe. I really need to focus when it comes to school so I will be trying out these supplements!

Sunwarior Warrior Blend

This is a plant-based protein WITHOUT dairy! I am so happy about this! I want to try this after a good workout. That is my favorite time to drink protein shakes mmm.

  • Soy free
  • No sugar added
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Vegan

This shake is packed with amino acids and the good thing about this is, you don’t have to blend this to drink it. You can just shake it up! That is one of the reasons why I am getting rid of all my Shakeology. I don’t have time to blend my shakes, clean the blender out before it gets that gross smell and yeah.

GNC B-12

I am on the fence on trying this simply because I don’t know much about B-12. Its description says that it is essential for energy production and carbohydrate metabolism, which I think I need. I don’t know just yet, I may be passing this one on to my husband.

Enlightened Crispy Marshmellow Treats

Mmmm I can’t wait to snack on this! I am like thinking what the heck about the flavor bein apple cinnamon but I mean I’m sure the original will be good if I don’t enjoy this one. It has 15g of protein! and I am hoping this curves my appitite for sweets and such. It is a decent sized bar for crying out loud haha!

OJO Quickly Dissolving Eye Care Crystals

I wear glasses and contacts so yes my eyes are not all that great. I am excited to try this little packet of nutrients to help them out! I’m sure that I will have to take this repeatedly to see results but I never heard f such a product it is so neat!

Resvitale Collagen Renew

This formula helps maintain skin elasticity and reduces the look of wrinkles. I think my skin is pretty good right now, I mean I know my mom would probably want to try this out so I think I may pass this on to her. I love using a face mask for my skin instead!

And then at the wee bottom of my box, I got a couple of coupons! Overall, I pretty much liked this box! I am not going to be using every sample in it but hey I did get some pretty good stuff and I am not disappointed. Thanks for reading! And if you love GNC or you love health and wellness, check out the GNC box.

I am like a little too obsessed with subscription boxes. I will admit this. THAT IS THE FIRST STEP. Haha okay, thanks, guys I’ll catch you next time.


Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

From all the post I see on social media, I have become very intrigued with Salt Lamps. The look of them are so cool and they give a good vibe in your home decor.

I purchased mine from Spencer’s. (that store has some good things in it too, lol!) I completely fell in love with it as soon as I plugged it up! It cast a beautiful glow for when you are just relaxing and don’t want all of the lights on. I have mine sitting right on my desk so that I can be more focused on my work! Plus, whenever we have a guest, I’m sure we will get a lot of questions and compliments on it.



  • A natural air filter that refreshes and cleans the area around the lamp. Which improves breathing problems and reduces allergies.
  • Neutralizes harmful positive ions the environment.
  • Increased relaxation and calmness, and less stress.
  • Improves ability to concentrate for longer periods around electrical equipment.
  • Makes getting to sleep easier at night.
  • A better overall sense of health and well-being.


I haven’t owned the lamp that long, so I don’t really see the befits just yet. However, I do know that I can spend a lot longer sitting at my desk doing homework or working o a blog post than normal!

Do you own a salt lamp? Has it improved anything in your life? Let me know!


Cinnamon Roll Protein Shake // Recipe

I LOVE my protein shakes in the morning. I don’t just like to drink them plain, I recently started researching and experimenting with adding other ingredients!

Pinterest is my best friend when coming up with new recipes. Not just for my shakes but for meals as well. My favorite one I have been bringing to work is Cinnamon Roll!



2 scoops of Vanilla protein powder (I use GNC Lean Shake)

8oz of Almond milk (I use any milk that is lactose-free)

1 packet of stevia (optional)

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

4 ice cubes

Blend all ingredients together in a blender, then sprinkle a little more cinnamon on top for extra flavor! It is super fast and easy to make. What are your favorite shake recipes? Let me know in the comments!


Different Ways I De-Stress

Some days, my anxiety is through the roof, I am always stressing over things to go the “right” way. Oh and if I have to make a semi important decision… STRESSED! I get so overwhelmed to point where sometimes I am ready to give up on whatever task I am doing.

I recently started taking time out for myself, to de-stress and practice self-care. It has turned into one of the things I look forward to. Each day I try to do a different form, I call it “me” time. I figured I would share with you ways to wind down as well!

  • Re-read a favorite book I love the feeling you get after finishing a great book. Plus, while reading it, you sort of escape reality and you are put into the setting of your book. It’s amazing.
  • Diffuse essential oils my favorites are eucalyptus, peppermint, and orange. I add a couple drops to my diffuser at bedtime to help me sleep. Eucalyptus is also a great oil for when you are sick, it opens up your nose if you add enough drops.
  • Go for a walk sometimes I just need fresh air. Seeing new sights and just getting away!
  • Take a bubble bath this may be my favorite on the entire list. Nothing is better than getting out of a hot bath and then lathering yourself with lotion okay!
  • Write in a journal or color in an adult coloring book it is relaxing to me to color in one of those books, I don’t know what it is exactly. I just recently starting writing in a journal. Mostly it is just full of recipes or blog post ideas but it is a good de-stresser.
  • Clean and organize a room is it just me or do you feel a little bit better after doing so?
  • Turnoff your phone for a few hours this is important. Social media is full of negativity. Sometimes you need to just stop and take a break from it all and do something positive.
  • Say no I have a hard time with this. I am always so quick to say “yes” when asked to do something, even if I don’t really want to do it. It’s okay to say no sometimes. I am trying to teach myself to be okay with saying no.
  • Yoga or exercise yoga is a life changer. I am in love with it (even though I can’t do every pose) it’s calming and you feel so good afterwards. Cardio (which I hate) is good too. During, I feel like crap. I’m out of breathe, sweaty, and in pain; but when it’s all over with, I ask myself why don’t I do this all the time??
  • Drink hot tea hot tea and a good book y’all!
  • Catch up on your favorite shows The Bachelorette anyone?

I hope I gave some of you some ideas! I personally find it helpful when others give me suggestions. If you try anything on this list, please let it be yoga!


Unboxing My First GNC Pro Box!

Hi, friends!

I have been waiting to get my subscription box I could hardly wait! I really want to stay motivated and stay consistent with my workouts. Getting this box gave me a bit of a boost! This box comes 3x a year and it only cost $39.99. PLUS you get reward points, free shipping on, and much much more.

So, let’s dig in!

Beyond Raw Precision BCAA Anabolic Recovery & Power Output in Blue Raspberry


I am so excited to try this out becauseeeee I have been wanting to try BCAAs after my workouts and I was lost on where to start. I’m even MORE excited because it is blue raspberry flavored lol.

Since this is an unboxing I cannot officially review each product so I’m just going to give you all the stats. “Built by science. Elevated through innovation. Elevate the way you refuel with these blue raspberry lemonade-flavored BCAAs.”

  • 10g BCAA
  •  1g InsuSpike
  • 500mg Peakforce
  • 0g Sugar

ORB Smooth Energy Complex


I am sort of iffy on this product. Since I work very early shifts at work I do want something that provides me with energy but on the other hand, I am afraid of energy drinks. Coffee, yes I love it. Soda, gotta have it. But Monsters and Red Bulls…? I can feel my heart beating so fast it freaks me out! It is stated on the packaging that the pill gives you a gentle jumpstart and you don’t crash afterward. I like that. The more I read up on it the more I feel comfortable trying it. I am absolutely sure someone in my house will give this a try whether it is me or my husband so it will not go to waste!

“Greet your day with a gentle jumpstart. This complex formulated with ingredients that support a relaxed-yet alert- mental state.

  • 2-in-1 Delivery System Beadlets + Liquid Capsules. Smooth Energy complex with added MCT oil allows for easier absorption.
  • Time release Terra Intelligent Dosing for smooth consistent energy.
  • Energizing caffeine is balanced with calming L-Theanine to support a calm but alert state.
  • Vitamin B6  8.5mg
  • Vitamin B12  1mg
  • Caffeine 350mg
  • L-Theanine 100mg
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides 870mg

Oh Yeah ONE Bar


If you know me, you know I love protein bars. They are my source of breakfast every morning- along with a protein shake! My favorite bars are the LARABAR and The Complete Cookie. I’ve heard of the ONE bar but I am tempted to try them because I am loyal to my other two. The flavor I have is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which I am super excited to try out!

“There’s just one gram of sugar in this chocolate chip cookie dough-flavored protein bar. Oh yeah! Plus, it’s the perfect companion for a summer hike or road trip.”

  • Calories 210
  • Total Carbohydrates 24g
  • Sugar 1g
  • Sugar Alcohol 11g
  • Protein 21g

Dymatize ISO100 Whey Protein Isolate


Yeeeeeeeessssss I love protein shakes! Thank you, GNC so much lol! I’m so ready to try this because I hear whey isolate is a lot better than regular whey protein. Protein shakes are my thing y’all like, they are my savior lol.

“There’s more to protein than muscle support. This macronutrient is involved in just about every physiological process in the body.”

  • Protein 25g
  • BCAAs 5.5g
  • Leucine 2.7g
  • Calories 110g
  • Carbs 1g
  • Fat 0g
  • Sugar <1g
  • Lactose 0g

FITJOY Protein Bar


Another protein bar! Cookies and cream sound sooo good mmm! I can’t wait to eat this one.

“You don’t have to hit the freezer aisle to get your cookies and cream fix. Stacked with your protein, this is one delicious treat with a twist.”

  • Calories 230
  • Protein 20g
  • Dietary Fiber 10g
  • Gluten-Free
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

Napz Short-Term Sleep Aid


I never considered taking a sleep aid before. God knows I don’t need ANYTHING to help me sleep haha. I always tired, I need the complete opposite! This won’t go to waste though, my hubby will most likely try it! The product implies that you wake up refreshed and it is a non-habit forming formula. It is an all natural veggie dietary supplement!

“Now every night has the potential for sweet dreams. Napz is designed with herbs traditionally associated with relaxation.”

  • Chamomile Extract, Passiflora Extract, Lemon Balm Extract, and Hibiscus Flower Extract 1,110mg

Weekly Vitamin Organizer and Men’s Fitness Magazine

For a bonus, GNC sent me a weekly vitamin organizer that I’m really happy about. I started taking Women’s Multi-Vitamins and Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamins. Now I can prepare them for the week!

I also like the double-sided magazine that has tips and recipes.

Overall I am very pleased with this subscription box! If you would like to know what products worked for me let me know in the comments! I will be sure to make a blog post once I try them out.


GNC Lean Shake Review


I wanted to make a review on this YUMMY shake because well, I have been searching for a protein/meal replacement shake for a while now and I fell in love with this one! Rich Chocolate is the flavor I have, you can never go wrong with chocolate.

The Lean Shake is packed with vitamins and you get 25g of protein in one serving! Which is great if you are trying to build muscle/definition like I am.

I have this shake for breakfast every morning and it keeps me full for quite sometime. I mix it with water because it is a pretty thick shake and I feel milk would make the consistency too thick for me. Another thing I love about this shake is that I can leave it in the fridge overnight and it doesn’t get that weird gritty texture I got with a different shake. Which is PERFECT for me because I am usually in a rush on the way to work! This shake doesn’t necessary need to be blended either. You can just add your water and 2 scoops of protein and shake your Blender Bottle!

I do use this shake as a meal replacement, but I also supply it with eating the right amount of calories a day in my other meals. This may be a little far fetched but I was flexing in the mirror today, (I have like 0 muscles okay haha) but I started to see a little bit of definition! My husband saw it too. I know it is not the shake alone, I workout or atleast try to work out 3 times a week but I honestly feel the shake is helping with that. Thank the LORD!

I hope you enjoyed my little review of my holy grail protein shake! GNC is having a buy two get one free sale as of right now soooo it may be a good time to snag a couple tubs!