Winter Tag 2017 // BLOGmas Day 1

It’s December! I love watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube because it gets me so ready for Christmas. This year, I am going to attempt to blog everyday for 25 days! I will center it around the holidays, hopefully I can add a giveaway too!

I am in a group called BossGirlBloggers on Facebook that connects other bloggers together for collaborations, advice, etc. the created I the group put together a super fun tag I knew I wanted to be apart of!

You can check out her answers here.

1. What if your favorite holiday tradition?

Growing up, just about every Christmas Eve my sister and I would watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday movie! But it has to be the Jim Carrey version because he makes the movie hilarious.

2. What is your favorite go-to lippies?

Im still in search of a good red lip. I just don’t know what brand really earns that title for yet but I did find some other colors that I love for this time of the year.

Lipsense and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it because it stays on allll day and I hate it because it’s expense lol. I mean, the gloss is $25! But it really does have amazing staying power. The shade is GlamDoll which is a mauve-y brown-y plum-y shade. So pretty I love it. Then I have NYX Butter Gloss in Gingersnap which is a dark brown gloss. NYX has the best glosses, I want like every color.

Left: NYX Right: LipSense

3. What is your favorite winter scent? (Candles, perfume, etc.)

Perfume wise, I love my trip from B&BW. Winter Candy Apple, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Twisted Peppermint! Twisted Peppermint gives me a cotton candy vibe. I switch between these tree during the holidays and I spray generous amounts lol.

For ‘candles’ I love my Christmas Spirit essential oil from YoungLiving. I add a couple drops to my diffuser for a calming citrus scent.

I’m like so into oils right now I have Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, and Orange right now. I’m seriously considering purchasing their entire starter kit thing!

4. What’s your go-to winter fashion trend?

Scarves and boots. Always. I have a pair of really adorable black heeled boots I am dying to wear! Ugh and don’t get me started on scarves I wear a different one everyday. If I get scarves for Christmas I would totally be okay with that.

Boots Scarf

5. What is your all time favorite holiday movie?

I already mentioned it! But to add another on the list, it would have to be Elf. I love comedy holiday movies if you haven’t noticed.

6. What is your all time favorite holiday Tune?

All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuu baby! Mariah Carey of course!

7. Do you prefer to travel or stay home for the holidays?

I prefer to stay home. I like to enjoy the holidays in a cozy environment and I don’t know for some reason traveling is stressful for me.

8. What is your favorite winter skin care must have?

I have eczema, so I religiously use Aveeno products. One of my faves for the face is the Positively Radiant Sheer Daily Moisturizer. I love the feeling it gives my face. And when the cold air hits it doesn’t feel dry and cracked.

9. What is your favorite winter hair care products?

I finally got around to trying DevaCurl! I am amazed by their products. My hair lasted for 5 days without washing. It is super moisturizing and defining to my curls which is perfect for winter. I use the Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel Define and Control and the DevaCurl Styling Cream Touchable Curl Definer. These are travel sized but believe me I am buying the full sized ones from Ulta very soon.

Other staples would be my OGX Coconut Curls Conditioner and the Garnier Fructis Whole Blends Monoi Oil & Orange Blossom Shampoo. Both are amazing!

10. What is your favorite winter activity?

I love baking cookies for santa every year! Sugar cookies with egg nog mmm the perfect combo. I also love playing with the snow. Fun fact I never ever built a snow man. I’m hoping this year I will be able to.

11. What is your go-to favorite winter beauty product?

Glitter shadow! You can’t go wrong with a nice shimmery shade during the holidays. Or even for New Years. I love to jazz up my look during these months because everyone is so festive and I am constantly going to different events.

I have this shadow from an ipsy bag and I have yet to use it. I was going through my collection and I was like hey that is a really good shadow!

12. Do you love to hate the snow?

Growing up I wished for snow every winter. Now that I live in Montana, I dont ave to wish. When it snows here, I’m excited but not when I have to drive anywhere. I will get really bad anxiety.

13. What is one item on you wish list this year?

I really want the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. I ask for it every year for about 3 years now. It’s such a beautiful floral scent I just can’t describe it but it’s me. It’s so me.

14. What is your favorite holiday treat?

Cookies! I love sugar cookies! And I also loved Peppermint infused treats as well lol.

15. Do you finish you shopping before December or are you a late shopper?

I start shopping Black Friday and continue all the way until Christmas Eve. I tend to find things I love and put them up. Then, I get them all out and decide “Okay, who is getting what this year?”

Now it’s your turn because I tag all of you!

June Ipsy Bag Unboxing

Let me tell you guys…

Re-subscribing to Ipsy was the best decision! I love just about everything in my bag, which makes me so excited for next months. The theme this month is Volume Up, it is about expressing yourself and being bold with your look. The hair and makeup choices the artist chose for the models are really inspiring, I’m definitely going try some of them out.

First off, the bag is super cute. It’s perfect for a little travel bag or a makeup bag for your purse. 

 I’m sort of new to the makeup world so I love trying out things I would of never purchased on my own.
NYX Whipped & Fouetté Lip & Cheek Color in Cocoa Bean

I wanted a brownish/nude color to try on my lips but the ones I always pick are too pink or too light for my skin. I love the fact that it is a 2-in-1 product. Oh and I love NYX, one of my favorite brands! The consistency is creamy and it blends well. I love how it is so simple and easy to use, it makes doing my makeup a lot faster. I know I will be purchasing the other colors in this collection at some point.

CHIA Curl by Trissola 5-in-1 Defining Curl Cream

This cream is claiming to deliver weightless, bouncy, healthy curls. I am ready to try this cream (I love curl creams!) but, I am forcing myself to save it. Since it is a travel sized package, I can use it when I go on vacay in two weeks! I did open it and it has a nice floral scent. I hope this does work, I’m afraid my hair is too thick to benefit from this small tube. I use ALOT of product, but hey we will see!

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Game Changer

Honestly, the color is too bright for me. I can describe this color like a sort of neon peach? I used three coats, (no top coat) and it did last a couple of days. It is a nice polish but the color is not for me.

Luna Eye Shadow in Jade

I really really like this color! I am a neutral eye kind of girl so I can never have too many. It is a very soft almost pale brown color with a pink undertone that shows up if you really pack the color onto your brush. I would use this a a nice base color for an everyday look.

Beauty For Real 24-7 Eyeliner in 24karat

Okay last but not least, eyeliner! I almost never go without my winged eyeliner like it’s a must for each makeup look. I feel like I don’t look complete with the wing. So I was so happy to find this GOLD eyeliner in my Ipsy bag. I have so many ideas on how to use it I am going crazy lol. The color is perfect and even the name is similar to a song I love witch is even better. The color catches the light and it glides on sooo smooth. I will be finding different shades from this company just because of that!

Thank you for reading! What did you get in your Ipsy bag? I would like to know!


Model For a Day {stepping out of my comfort zone}


A friend of mine who has her own photography business asked me to model for her!  I was so happy to do so! If you know me, you know I normally never wear clothes like this, and I don’t normally see myself as ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ I’m quite modest, from what my husband says lol. I’m reaaaaly reallly happy about these photos though. I feel like this was some sort of turning point for me! I felt comfortable with my hair all big, and I was okay with showing my skinny arms and some of that skin! 😉

In no way am I saying covering up and not showing skin is a bad thing. You do you girl, but for me, I always been that shy girl who wears hoodies, jeans, and sneakers. Little to no makeup and my hair was almost ALWAYS straightened. These photos were sort of a shock to my high school friends, and it formed a little alter ego for myself haha! For once, I felt free and beautiful. That is big for me.


My Hair Care Routine (back to black)

Hi, friends!

Finally, I have this post up for you! One of my favorite blog post to read is hair care routines. I’m a product junkie, so I love discovering new ones.

Since dying my hair, I recently changed shampoos. I was using Garnier Fructis Whole Blends Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter shampoo and conditioner but, I wanted to protect my hair color so I opted for Biolage!

Deep Condition

I always start out a wash day by deep conditioning for 15-20 minutes on damp hair. My current (and favorite) deep conditioner right now is the SheaMoisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System w/ Marula Oil & Biotin. This makes your hair feel SO soft. I repurchased this twice already because it really does repair your hair.

Shampoo & Conditioner

The two products I ALWAYS run out of would have to be shampoo and conditioner. I really want to try the DevaCurl line. After my Biolage runs out, that will be my next review!

But, overall I really like the smell of the duo and as for color protection… I give it a 2. It may be because my stylist used a demi-permanent dye but my hair is fading fast. My hubby said it looks like a fruit roll-up color now LOL.


fruit roll-up hair lol



Styling Products

If you have not tried SheaMoisture, you need to! The Curl Enhancing Smoothie works wonders for my hair. Damaged hair needs a lot of moisture and with this formula being so thick it keeps your curls hydrated for days.

I also use oils on top of my cream to seal it in. Garnier’s new line Whole Blends Smoothing Oil is amaaaazing. I switch between that and this Hair Polisher with Aloe Juice I picked up at Walmart. Both work great and give shine.

To smooth down my edges in the front I use Creme of Nature Perfect Edges. I used other edge controllers but this one actually works for me.



The next morning, I wake up and take my little silk wrap off and shake my curls around. If my hair is still moisturized, I spray Garnier Fructis Curl Review Reactivating Milk Spray and scrunch away! If my hair is too dry I re-wet my hair with water from a spray bottle and add my smoothie plus oil and I’m good to go! I am a bug fan of air drying, but sometimes I do blow dry my hair after refreshing if I use too much water.


Thank you for reading! If you use any of these products or have any to recommend, let me know in the comments!


App Designed For Curly Hair? [CurlMatch Review]

Hi, friends!

I recently discovered an app that matches your hair type and recommends select products just for you!

I was pretty intrigued to try it out, I am always up for new hair products. I stumbled upon this app through their Instagram page. I am a product junkie so this just gives me another excuse to by more products… lol!

So first, after you download the app, you create a profile and take a short quiz answering questions about your hair and the condition it is in. The quiz is very detailed and you can catergorize your hair type. Knowing your hair type is very important. Certain products can work for 2c hair but not necessarily for 4b hair, etc. I was surprised to see when I completed the quiz, most of the products I’ve tried before! That means that the app is pretty accurate.


You get a decent sized list of styling products as well as co-wash cleansers. You have a chance to review + favorite certain products and the app has a catergory for ‘Style Secrets’ where you can read articles and veiw photos and videos all about curly/wavy hair. The ‘Style Secrets’ section of the app requires an InApp purchase which would be a monthy subsciption to CurlMatch. It is only 99 cents!


Overall, I thought the app was useful. I discovered new products I am willing to try and it is awesome you can leave reviews for other curlies to read. It is a fun little app even if you only want to take the curl quiz and view your products!

Thank you for reading! Have you downloaded CurlMatch yet? Let me know your thoughts!


Check it out here *this post in not sponsered. I reviewd this app on my own with my honest opinion. I would always give my honest opinion on anything.