Lazy Day Off // blogmas day 6

Today was my last day off before beginning my ‘Monday’ back to work.

First I slept in which is what I love to do. I woke up next to my husband that is back from the field. We fell asleep on the couch from watching Netflix.

I made breakfast and caught up on youtube videos. Does anyone else watch Jessica from Jambeauty? I love her. I did cleaning and decorated the upstairs bedroom a little bit. I had an extra garland that I put above our bed.

Anyways, it was a super lazy day spent in PJs and eating pizza for dinner! Napping on and off and eating too much junk food haha. I also took a bubble bath and my husband and I binge watched more movies after.

How do you guys spend your lazy days?

The Best Lingerie I’ve Tried! // Blogmas day 3

Hi friends!

I recently discovered the amazingness that is Adore It is a subscription service but the amazing ting is, yoou don’t have to pay monthly. You can skip the month if you wnat. (I havn’t skipped anything yet haha) Victoria Secrect is where I would always get my intamates at, but for some reason, I started to feel bored of them. I mean, the quality is amazing and so were the styles but the prices are just… too much for my budget! And for my size, I take a long time to find a bra to fit me.

Adore has a ton of styles and not just lingere either! They have super cute pjs to choose from. The sizing is so on point. I feel so good wearing their products and I can spend so much time on their website just looking through all the styles. I probably have about 80 things added to my wishlist haha!

I love that fact that I now can feel, I don’t know ‘sexy’… when I usually don’t. I don’t like to spend a heaps amount of money on VS and when I find something I like it’s always too high for me. Don’t get me wrong through girls because VS is a great great store! I just fell in love with a new company and I’m okay with it!

I ordered another piece, a red bodysuit, oh my gosh it is so cute! I can’t wait to order more. I mean I am going to give all of my money to this place lol!

Have you tried Adore Me? What are your thoughts? Quick question, do you wear lingerie for yourself or your significant other? It is a little bit of both for me.

This can make a great gift for yourself this year, or if you are looking for a gift to give your hubby this is it too!

Date Night Meal Idea // Penne With Italian Sasuage

Whoop whoop! It’s date night!

Our town, as I mentioned before doesn’t have a huge selection of chain restaurants. So when we want to be fancy, it always Applebee’s.

Deciding to eat it seems to become more and more of a routine.

Tonight, I am making Penne pasta with Italian sausage! It is so yummy. I usually don’t go for the ground sausage, but I wanted to try something new.

I use the amazing sauce from Sam’s Club that I’m sort of obsessed with. You have to try it, okay?

You can spice up this meal with a side salad or garlic bread!

The sauce stickies right to the pasta and it is so rich with flavor! And I love the spice of the sausage as well. Mmm, perfect combo!


Garlic Bread or Side Salad optional

Penne Rigate pasta

Meat of your choice, we used ground Italian sausage

Pasta sauce of your choice, we used Member’s Mark Romano Pasta sauce

1. First, you are going to want to start to brown your sausage whole you are boiling the penne.

2. Depending if you are making garlicbreqs with it, you will want to preheat the oven at this time.

3. After the sausage is fully cooked, gldrsjn grease and set aside.

4. When the penne has reached the texture you want it to be, drain the excess water. Remove from heat and stir in the sausage.

5. Slowly stir in the sauce with the penne and sausage until it it evenly mixed.

You are done! You can pair your pasta with a nice glass of wine. Or in this case since i’m not 21… Welche’s grape juice!

Don’t judge me lol! Mmm, its so good I even don’t mind eating leftovers. And I hate leftovers. This is a super easy recipe bit it makes for a great romantic meal.

So, When Are You Having Kids?

Is the question I seemed to get asked all the time. By new friends or family whenever they see us and know that we are married.

So here’s a little story. At 18 I got married to my childhood sweetheart and we moved square across the United States to Montana. Now, I am 20 we still do not have any human babies. Just furry ones. But a lot of our friends who are our age are having kids they are so happy and cannot wait to see there little one or they are constantly saying how wonderful it is, and sometimes I think I’m missing out. Then others, I feel too young to raise someone myself.

A part of me says no. I don’t want this. Because honestly, I don’t know who I am yet. I mean I have so much stuff I want to do in life. I want to get to the point where I am happy being who I am. Then the other part of me says having a baby might jumpstart that happiness. It will give me a sense of purpose and teach me how to be an adult the right way.

I just don’t know. I’m so torn! I think it has to do with the constant question. Everyone is sort of expecting us to be pregnant already, you know? Just because we are married doesn’t really mean that though.

And in no way am I saying having children right now will stop me from being myself. It’s just a scary thing.

Being married young doesn’t mean I have to do everything else early, or does it?

So I’m going to ask you when are you having kids? How old are you and when did you get married? I want to know if anyone is in a similar situation that I am. Experiencing the thought motherhood is so scary to me!

A Must Read For Military Spouses // The 5 Love Languages Military Edition

A while back, I purchased a book from the holy Grail Barnes & Nobels. I can spend hours in there. But, I was on the hunt for this book because I am a military wife and it can take a toll on a marriage.

It is a pretty fast and easy read. I love the fact that the author Gary Chapman included a short quiz for you to determine your love language. Then he also added tips to go with your or your spouse’s language. (Deployment options are included too!)

I took the quiz, and my result was Words of Affirmation. I feel most confident and loved by being reminded of that. I love that Gary included the idea to write a love letter! I loved when my husband and I wrote letters to each other during his BAsic Training.

To this day, I still have all the letters we wrote each other saved in a  photo album. Actually, I just realized I never even blogged about my husbands Air Force career from the beginning! Maybe I should.

My husband’s love language is Physical Touch. At times, I do find myself walking along side him and I don’t even reach out for his hand. He is always the first to do it. It’s not that I don’t want to, I’m just usually focused on something else.

He also has tips for when you are going through a  Deployment and your spouse’s language is Physical Touch.

  • “Send pictures of yourself to your spouse at various times while apart. Being able to hold a photo of you become very important when holding you in person is impossible.”

I love this idea! I did this again while he was in Basic and Tech School. He loved getting pictures from me. Not of just me but of his family and his pets. Pretty much anything to show you care of you went out of your way to do something is appreciated in a marriage.

This book has a ton of ideas. It really opened my eyes and I learned that we all feel love in different ways. What other books have you read? I would love some recommendations from you! I am such a bookworm lol!